Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in Canada and everybody is benefiting from this change. The people feel liberated, marijuana-related crimes are expected to fall, and a new branch of industry is bringing in lots of money. Since the market opened up many private companies have made their bid in the market and started producing their own products.

That also means that a lot of the companies sell their products on the web and we will take a look at the best online dispensary in Canada, well at several of them because it is really hard to tell which one is the truly better than all the rest.

Green Society

When you go to their website you will find a company that has designed everything so it suits the customer and makes him feel like he is being cared for. They have many products on offer besides the well-known types of weed. That means that you can have your hearts pick and everything will be ordered to your address directly. You will not regret ordering from these guys and they have a lot on offer.


The owner of this dispensary is open to communication and if you contact him, he will explain all you want to know about how they grow their weed. They are a friendly bunch and they are really oriented towards their customers. Giving special offers for bigger purchases so if you are into discounts, they are your best choice. They have a reasonable selection on offer and you will find that all your needs can be met.

This dispensary has recently seen a rise in its sales and this is because of their quality and the fact that they also produce medical marijuana for all people that are in need. They are not as old as the previous ones but they are gaining momentum on the market and we can expect them to grow over time.


Some Things You Should Know

Even though marijuana is legalized for recreational use you cannot order it if you are not 19 years old. Besides that, there are new laws in place that forbid the driving of vehicles under the influence of cannabis. That’s all you need to know on the legal side of things.

The government also created new taxes intended for the sale of recreational marijuana but they are not as big as the taxes for alcohol or tobacco. Medical marijuana will still be sold under the same conditions as earlier.


The website will ask you to register but it will not demand that you present your license for medical marijuana use. The information for the registration will ask for your address and payment information but this is because the website needs to know where to mail the products and how to charge them. Besides this, there is nothing else stopping you from going online right now and ordering what you want from one of the dispensaries we mentioned.