Join WINhealth Partners Network

WINhealth Partners is a provider-governed, not for profit health plan dedicated to the concept of partnerships between physicians, employers, and members. Instead of simply administering and paying for health benefits, WINhealth Partners forms close relationships with physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers to create coordinated, accountable health plans.

Creating solid links and open communication channels between all individuals and groups taking part in the patient care is our main goal. We want to form a community in which the information, knowledge, and needs of the patient are better addressed. Our goal is not simply to provide basic services to our users, our goal is to raise the standard in the way health plans and health benefits are implemented.Our company supports a system in which all the steps from visiting your doctor, consulting, operations, buying medicines, all the way to the payment service, are simple, easy and cause no stress for our members.

Why us

Our network has helped hundreds of providers build a base of WINhealth Partners’ patients. We offer distinctive services and use advanced technology – making the WINhealth Partners’ Network the right choice for you:

  • Benefits assigned directly to your office to help guarantee timely payment and to help minimize collection issues.
  • Ease of administrative activities.
  • Provider service professionals with strong backgrounds in medical billing, network management, managed care, claims payment and other insurance-related experiences.
  • Fee schedules reflecting your geographic area.
  • Explanation of payment reports that clearly illustrate benefit determination and patient liability.

Find out more about the WINhealth Partners’ Network by contacting one of our professionals and we’ll send you a packet of information which includes:

  • A fee schedule for your office location
  • Preferred Provider participation agreement
  • Credentialing information form
  • Postage paid return envelope

For more information, contact us via e-mail at or call (800) 868-7670.