One of the newer procedures in the context of today’s cosmetic treatment is the ultrasonic cleaning skin scrubber. This method can be independent or within any cosmetic treatment. This treatment alone can achieve the following effects: cleaning the surface layer, removing blackheads and sebum from the skin and so on, says Joanne Rounds.

It facilitates and shortens the classic treatment, makes it less painful and pleasant. When extracting the blackheads with ultrasound, the skin reacts with mild redness that disappears after half an hour or more after the mask. Also, if you spread the active substances in this way, you can be sure that your skin has absorbed the higher dose ingredients as opposed to the introduction of rubbing or massaging.

Who recommended it?

This treatment is highly recommended to all of those who are sensitive to removing blackheads manually. It is also for those who want the “flash effect” on their skin before an important event. The treatment is perfect for those who don’t have time for treatments that last for a long time. It is important to note that there are no contradictions for this treatment.

How does it work?

At the beginning of this treatment, the face is being prepared. After that, a thin layer of gel on the face is applied. The treatment is done with the help of the apparatus. A part of the apparatus called ultrasound spatula serves for direct contact with the skin of the face. Face cleansing is performed with ultrasound spatula. The ultrasonic vibration apparatus expels the comedones from the skin, and at the same time, a thin layer of superficial dead skin cells of the face skin is removed.

After completing this treatment, a mask that calms down nourishes the skin and collects enlarged pores is applied on the face. The treatment is absolutely painless and pleasant, it takes about 30 minutes. After the ultrasonic scrub there is no redness, so you can smoothly continue with daily activities.

Reveals new skin, smooth and soft!

Dead skin cells are removed, as well as excess fat and cosmetic residues, and the pores are cleaned, which results in deeply cleansed smooth skin. Appropriate cosmetic products can now be applied in a more efficient way.

After it, the skin is calm and hydrated. Complimentary cosmetic products on a water base of a particular molecular structure that allows maximum penetration through sonophoresis are applied immediately after exfoliation. The skin becomes healthier and more beautiful with ultrasound scaling and it’s ultrasound micro vibrations that stimulate local circulation. As a result of this microscopic effect, the skin remains bright to flicker.

A smooth healthy skin!

A smooth healthy skin!

This product offers functions that lift the skin balance to a higher level, resulting in a brilliant tone. The accumulation of pigments and scars resulting from various defects can be aligned and smoothened by a series of treatments. Using a combination of physical and mechanical processes and appropriate skin care products, reduction of discoloration is achieved and tanning is improved.