Better health coverage for you and your employees

WINhealth Partners provides group health insurance plans that meet the needs of employers and their employees throughout the state of Wyoming. We are committed to delivering the affordable, straightforward health coverage that you and your employees deserve.

You will not have any problems with the payment of your health insurance with us, nor will you have to pay attention to the language of the contract and additional legal issues. Our goal is not to make money on you, but to provide you with direct, open, clear help when you need it. Through our health insurance, you don’t only get access to doctors of various specializations.

You also get the opportunity to choose those doctors, and your insurance also covers consultations with doctors who are not on our network if someone from this network has referred to them. Our goal is a service that is open, honest, easy to use, and that forms strong partnerships.


What we can do for you

Our group health plans lower healthcare costs, reduce administrative burdens, and help keep your employees healthy. When you offer our health plans to your employees, you can count on:

Affordable, flexible, and straightforward benefits
Coverage for preventive care, routine exams, and emergency situations
An extended network of quality providers
Low premiums, deductible, and low or no co-pays and co-insurance
Friendly, local, and knowledgeable customer service
WINhealth Partners is a provider-governed, not-for-profit health plan dedicated to building partnerships among healthcare providers, members, and employers. We were created by Wyoming doctors for Wyoming residents, so we understand the unique health demands facing our state. And we are committed to finding better ways to serve you and to offering health coverage without tradeoffs.

Give us a try. We think you will like how much better health coverage can be.