About Winhealth Partners

The Benefits of Being a WINhealth Partners’ Client

We meet your needs…

Flexibility without complexity – that’s the aim of our product. Your company has distinct needs. WINhealth Partners has the ability to match the right combination of benefits and pricing with the unique requirements of your company. Whether you’re looking for tightly managed coverage or something with a bit more freedom, we have product design and plan options to suit your company’s needs.

We offer comprehensive benefit packages with various cost-sharing product options to help you effectively manage your premium costs. All of our plans emphasize the importance of regular wellness exams to promote the optimal health of your employees. We focus on keeping people healthy as an alternative to curing illness. That just makes sense!

You’re covered when you’re home…

Find the participating providers in your community to obtain the highest level of benefit coverage. The network includes the majority of local physicians, the local hospitals and many allied health providers from which you can choose.

If certain treatments are not available locally, that’s not a problem. A referral from your network physician and authorization by WINhealth Partners enables you easily to receive specialty care outside your community.

You’re covered when you’re traveling…

Whether you’re in another part of the country or another part of the world, you’re covered for any care you may need if you become sick or injured. WINhealth Partners covers any unexpected or unforeseen care when you’re traveling outside of the service area. Simply notify us before the service is rendered, or within 48 hours in an emergency, and your costs will be covered.

And in an emergency…

WINhealth Partners covers all medical emergencies (e.g. heart attack, stroke, shock, choking, loss of consciousness, severe head injury, major blood loss, etc.) Just go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. Call WINhealth Partners as soon as you can to ensure full benefits will be applied when the claim is submitted. You don’t need to use medical providers that are in your medical health care network – it is an emergency! Use any provider and notify us afterward so we can start needed paperwork that will cover your medical bills.

We help employees stay healthy…

Choosing a health plan for your employees is one thing. Finding one that works to keep them healthy is another. Our extensive list of preventive services covers a full range of immunization, diagnostic tests, and screening for members of all ages and, quite frankly, is the heart of our health plan.

The health care system can be incredibly complex and it’s easy for an individual to get frustrated before they get the services they need. We work to help each individual optimize their health by getting the services they need when they need them.

We serve as advocates for consumers in the healthcare system. Sometimes our task is as easy as making sure a family member is available to drive a patient home. Other times, we identify members with potentially life-threatening conditions and work with them to make certain they can navigate the sometimes confusing healthcare system to get the services they need. We work with your employees to build trust that their health plan is looking out for them.

WINhealth lowers your costs…not your value…

Once you become a member, the routine paperwork like filing claim forms and handling bills virtually disappear. When your employees visit their doctor, they just present their member identification card and pay a copayment*. The doctor submits the claim and WINhealth Partners pays the doctor directly. It’s that easy.

*Some cost-sharing plans may include a deductible which must first be paid before copayments apply.

Our Reputation

Since 1996, WINhealth Partners has become recognized by Wyoming employers as a unique and affordable local alternative for group health coverage.


WINhealth Partners work with hundreds of employers of all sizes and industries to offer solutions to their rising healthcare cost. Through our relationships with the local business community, we have gathered valuable information on how to constantly improve the WINhealth Partners’ system.

Unmatched Service

With WINhealth Partners, you and your employees will receive excellent service at every turn. Once you select WINhealth Partners we’ll be there to introduce the plan and explain it to your employees so they can maximize their benefits

A customer service team will be a phone call away whenever questions arise during the plan year. You’ll experience short response times and accurate information from our service center. We also maintain high rates of speed and accuracy in claims payment.

All our members are surveyed each year to determine their level of satisfaction with the health plan and the healthcare services they receive. In this way, we can continue to improve. We’re committed to providing the most efficient customer service possible and achieving high-quality results in every conceivable way.