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Our company is offering not only every health care coverage there is, we are making sure that it is tailored to your personal and your company needs.

Covered at home

You will have a vast network that is covering various health providers such as hospitals and physicians in your area.


If you during an emergency seek help from medical providers that are not in your network, we’ve got that covered too! Just notify us afterward.

Travel coverage

It doesn’t matter if you are in another city, country or in some other part of the world, we will cover your costs in case you got injured or become sick.


Choose a health plan that will get real coverage for your employees. There is a wide range that we cover such as immunization and more.
About Us!
We are a company that has been dealing with topics such as health care, health coverage, medical providers and more for over 22 years. Through these two decades of business, we have created strong partnerships and a great base of our members.

We are providing high-quality health insurance not only to individuals but also to companies that want to offer the best options to their employees, at a reasonable price.

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Our Mission
Our mission is to offer healthcare coverage that is suitable for everyone. It does not matter if you want personal coverage or the one for your employees. We can meet any specific needs of every company. Benefits you get will be tailor-made according to your needs with a price that is best for you. Our mission is higher health care and health coverage standards.
Are you ill? Or have pain in your neck?

Importance of health care

The costs of medical services are very high. Without proper health insurance, you bring yourself to a position in which certain medical services are rejected for you, such as surgeries, specific examinations, tests, immunizations, and more. In a case of emergency when a medical service is available to you because your life is directly compromised, such service can easily lead you to bankruptcy. It is therefore very important that you and your family have proper medical coverage and healthcare plan

Why Choose Us?

Our company has been in existence for over two decades and during this period we have always strived for the highest standards in medical coverage, health care, and social services. Our company is big enough to give you personalized attention and time to find the solution that will best suit you. Also, we are partners with a large number of other companies and healthcare providers. With us, employees in your company will get our full attention.

We care equally well about all our members and our goal is to respond to all their needs.


Ensure quality home care for your aging phase

When routine daily activities become hard to conduct or the illnesses progress enough to endanger these elder patients if no one is monitoring closely, most of them opt for moving to specialized senior centers. This was the common decision up until recently when companies providing in-home medical services and home care packages gained their popularity.

10 Reasons For Personal Health Insurance

Heath care costs are the main reasons people are worried when they get sick. And that should not be the case. People who get their health coverage through a company they are an employe of, are quite safe, but there are some health issues that are not covered by this...

Catastrophic Health Insurance

This is a medical coverage that is suitable for people who are under 30 years old. It is a high deductible plan that is specifically designed to protect its members in worst-case scenarios. Examples are medical emergencies or medical costs which total is thousands of...

Point-Of-Service Plan (POS)

 There cane be a lot of confusion with Point-of-Service Plan (POS), so here are the main things you should know.This healthcare plan coverage is quite a hybrid between Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Just like the...